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Firmen-, Privat- oder Clubfeier

Your celebration is the focus!


The occasion:

Of course I'm talking about your individual requirements with you before. (Schedule, Music-Playlist, etc.)

My price list:

Depending on the pricing:

From these points, I put together a tailored service package at the lowest price!
Should I not be available on a given date, I also like to sit down for an adequate replacement DJ!

The appointment availability

An overview of my current appointment assignments can be found here!
Please note that the popular Saturday dates from May to September each year always quickly occupied!
Who is there to slow responding (eg planning 1-2 months before the deadline),
which remain mostly only Fridays to choose from. The same holds true for popular venues.

The technique

With me comes only high-quality technology from renowned brand manufacturers are used,
which is located in the higher price segment.
So you always have the guarantee of clear, brilliant sound at your party.
In addition, all PA speakers as "active" and always a reserve box on site,
so that a complete loss of sound is impossible.
(The rest of the equipment such as an external sound card, controller are also duplicated).
Of course, I 've also always with a wireless microphone.<

My music I buy mainly on itunes or amazon.
During the celebration, I am always connected to the Internet,
to be able to spontaneously convert almost all music requests.

The booking

Since such a celebration is always something very personal, we should get to meet before their event once, to see if the chemistry is right between us.
We discuss everything else, such as the sequence, the required technology, the opening dance song or the general music selection.
A small note to inquiries regarding their own DJ mixes:
Unfortunately, and I would like to ask for copyright reasons, no mixes available to the public! In addition, mixes do not necessarily reflect again what is required on your celebration, but would merely confirm only that I can mix songs into one another. But I think that in this regard speak my references and my long experience in itself. Nevertheless, you can always test and hear me live. Dates, when and where, visit our request!
Finally :
If everything "fits", we make a binding oral agreement.
The payment process is then to 90 % over a customary bank transfer after the ceremony. The remaining 10% are rare cash payments.
A deposit is also not necessary.

If I have now been convinced , then send me a request via my contactpage.