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Oliver-Thomas Daiß (DJ OTD)
My name is DJ Oli and I am working as a DJ since 2001.
It all started in the Kaiserkeller (Grosse Freiheit 36) in Hamburg (also where The Beatles started their career). There I came in 1999 as a music enthusiastic host with the resident DJ 's from this week that it had me at the beginning only a half hour and soon an entire evening hang up. As in the Grosse Freiheit 36 and the Kaiser cellar many theme parties ( 80s, 90s , Best of 3 Decades ), and general current House dance charts events took place and the Kaiser cellar Oldienight, the Best Of 3 Decades, Universal Night (mostly for students), I was able to broaden my horizons in terms of music quite quickly. I soon made me as a DJ has a name - " that time " as a DJ Olli. 2000 was followed by some of my organized themed parties such as the very successful Sub - Urban- Night or the Club Gentry.
Over the years, everything still expanded on various other hip clubs in Hamburg and from 2007 came through satisfied customers recommendation reinforced added Wedding , birthday and corporate parties. This is due to probably the fact that I see myself as a service and not as a self-promoter and at parties 'll gladly incorporated music requests.
2013 I have decided due to the high demand for popular wedding days to call the project - DJ mediation - to life. So if I am overbooked once at your desired date, I try now another good DJ for your celebration to convey the best possible fit for you and the like of course I will also address your needs. In this connection, I only recommend that you book a DJ in time for your celebration! (Currently I have 10 bookings for next year in July/August, although we are currently in November).
A clear advantage of my person over other pure Wedding DJs is that I play today in clubs, 'm sort of on the latest party trend level and you can hear me sample public always before your event. Currently , for example, every Thursday in the Olivia Jones Wild Boys Bar - there, however, only women have access. :-)
(other dates " where and when " I like to share on request).
Interesting story at this point: Some wedding couples on their wedding I was able to hang up now, I still know from the Kaiser Keller times (or Grosse Freiheit 36) around the year 2000. Some have learned there even know, so I was almost right from the start their DJ

Even though my roots then started rather rocky, my party compatible music repertoire includes now an almost all genres, which gives it that way. Ultimately, my choice of music, however, is also dependent on the individual customer wishes music. However, these should generally not be special and exclusively because, for example at a wedding ceremony, the general public would like to celebrate , not just the bride and groom (unless it is certain that the vast majority of the invited guests exactly can celebrate this special musical direction).
In principle, you can leave me the choice of music confidently as I back instead of my own taste in music and am concentrating on enabling the audience in the mood for dancing. If this then randomly dancing even my trial interspersed personal favorites - all the better.

So far I've been dj-ing in different places (also in Switzerland) in the countryside, in large or small town (throughout the country) and in a variety of locations, such as open barns, ancient castles and large ships - and each of these celebrations was unique and each time a new experience for me.
Finally, it might also be noted that I am not an entertainer, fanning the evening by little jokes or vocal performances. For I am of the opinion that the capture of the respective mood and the matched music selection can be successful the party - and you can also experience on your celebration!